Wednesday, 28 April 2010

So long floppy, hello retro cool!

If you've been following Victoria's rather brilliant posts about media, you'll be sad (or perhaps glad) to hear that the demise of the floppy draws ever closer now that Sony are discontinuing floppy disks. I suspect everyone has a story to tell that involves a floppy disk, the fear, the shear agony of that lost essay, the relief at the kindness of the geek who saved the file. These stories will become a thing of the past.

To balance this bad news, I also wanted to flag up the Vintage Computer Festival up the road at Bletchly Park. Lets hope they raise a glass to deprecated storage devices and their tales!

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Susan Thomas said...

Philip Lord sent me a link to this fun little article. In response to Sony's announcement, the Beeb asked folk about the ways in which they use floppies. Some are weird and wonderful, but some are rather more business-like. I like the one which suggests using them as shed roof tiles :-).