Thursday, 5 November 2009

Note to self...

...don't play space invaders on a donor's Mac (which is a PC)!

(Needless to say we wouldn't anyway!)

This, from the site:

As technology grows, our understanding of it diminishes, yet, at the same time, it becomes increasingly important in our lives. At what point does our virtual data become as important to us as physical possessions? If we have reached that point already, what real objects do we value less than our data? What implications does trusting something so important to something we understand so poorly have?"

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dnt said...

Interesting. The breakthrough for me was the iPod. By itself the iPod is useless, it comes with no music or other data installed and without data it's just a (very) cute paperweight. It was only when I had to worry about putting stuff into my iPod that I really began to feel like I 'owned' data and that my music was data that was very important to me. First i loaded all my CDs - which I'd never thought of as data but as physical things, once in I gave all my CDs away. No physical possessions! Then I began to buy music downloads and to really feel that data was somethign tangible and something that I *REALLY* owned. Now I view all my data differently than i did before I bought my iPod. BTW digital cameras never did this for me!