Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Archiving Facebook content

We have yet to encounter a depositor who has a Facebook account, but it's sure to happen at some stage. With that in mind, Victoria has been looking at how we could archive content in web 2.0 services like FB. I spoke with Mark Guttenbrunner (Tu Wien) about this at the Planets training day in London last month, and he told me that there was an 'archive' friend you could add through Facebook that would archive your profile (whatever that means :-) ). FB's 'archive friend' seems to have gone to ground, but Mark did point me at this Firefox add-on which should achieve something similar. We'll have to give it a go and see what happens. Anyone got any other ideas about how to archive Facebook profiles?


Ton de Looijer said...

Try this one: What Happens When Facebook is Gone?

Susan Thomas said...

Thanks for the reference! Nice summary of approaches.


Sophia BLiu said...

You should also check out Social Safe: http://www.socialsafe.net/

Susan Thomas said...

Hi Sophia - thanks for the tip :-)