Monday, 1 March 2010

MS format specs, inc. Outlook pst

Last year Microsoft said that they would publish the format specifications for personal store files (pst) - formats used to store data from Outlook products, including email, contacts and diary appointments. You can find them at MSDN here: There is also format information for other Office products:

Related sites of interest include Microsoft's interoperability pages, such as their 'open specification promise' and Microsoft's interoperability blog.


Alexis said...

Today I have opened my MS Outlook. I was put out,because of some of my emails were crashed. There was an unusual utility in the Google luckily for me - how to export messages from an ost file. When I used it,the software surprised me and showed how it extracted your data and exported Outlook ost file, if *.ost file is corrupted.

Susan Thomas said...

Hi Alexis - Thanks for the link.